Vocational commercial school Koblenz

we are one of the largest vocational commercial schools in Rhineland-Palatinate with about 3800 students and roughly 160 teachers.

We offer part-time vocational training as well as full-time schools leading to different qualifications:

Part-time vocational school

in the dual system

provides teaching and training in school

1 to 2 days a week

training in companies

3-4 days a week

Students finish off with a trade

after 2 - 3 years.


  • Occupational fields / Training programmes:
  • Clerical / office occupation - Office clerk, - Management assistant in office communication
  • Wholesale and foreign trade-Wholesaler-Import/Export
  • Retail trade - Retailsalesman
  • Banking - Bankclerk
  • Insurance trade - Insurance salesman
  • Information technology - IT administrator - Technology Salesman
  • Shipping trade - Shipping Agent
  • Law-Notary Clerk, Paralegal
  • Health trade- Medical/Physicians's Assistant - Dentist's Assistant/ Dentalnurse, Pharmaceutical Clerk



Full-time vocational education

Full-time grammar school with focus on economy Upper vocational school (Berufsoberschule) Trade School (Berufsfachschule)
for secondary I level students
academic subjects
leading to the Abitur
(general university entrance qualification)
3 years
for school leavers with O-level-exam and professional training
qualification for university of applied studies/polytechnic
1 year
qualification for university
with second foreign language
2 years
initial vocational training
1 year
2 years